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Richard Cassidy and Ben Wild, KCL Place-names in thirteenth-century records

Russian Flax and Hemp Bale seals -The PeaceHavens Project

Textiles, with lead cloth seals, (see section 3.6) http://dpc.uba.uva.nl/jalc/04/nr01/a04

These came from CJ's site

UKDFD seals - http://www.ukdfd.co.uk/ukdfddata/showcat.php?cat=131

Just a reminder that PAS has loads!

The Hungate stone mould is a rectangular stone block used as a mould to cast lead alloy cloth seals - http://www.dighungate.com/

The Wreck Site of the Earl of Abergavenny. The Cloth Seals, Geoff Egan - http://www.weymouthdiving.co.uk/research.htm#Section3

Review of The Earl of Abergavenny - http://intarch.ac.uk/journal/issue14/reviews/petts.html#biblio

Santa Margarita Lead Bale Seal: Artifact 49987 - http://www.melfisher.org/pdf/Santa_Margarita_Lead_Bale_Seal.pdf

East India Company Seal - http://www.dorsetandthesea.org.uk/html/galleries/general/drawing_of_lead_cloth_seal.htm

Castle Hill Archaeological Project - Chapter Eleven: Lead Seals J. David McMahan, (Fur bale lead seals) - http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/oha/castlehill/chpteleven.htm

Jamestown Rediscovery 1998 Interim Report – Selected Artefacts – Cloth Seals - http://www.apva.org/pubs/98report.pdf

Jamestown cloth seal - http://www.apva.org/exhibit/sealdate.html

17th Century Lead Cloth Seals from Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Al Luckenbach and C. Jane Cox.

Maryland Colonial cloth seals - http://www.geocities.com/losttownsproject/leadseals

Detector found seals - http://www.colchestertreasurehunting.co.uk/baleseals.htm

German Seals Bleiplomben.

De West Frisiae 4 - Index of finds – Lead Seals - http://home.planet.nl/~tolsm031/Engels/frameengels.htm

Free Pages - Harz Sonde. Use the PLOMBEN - http://free.pages.at/harz_sonde/index.htm

Useful site for Historical Trade Directories (old companies included) - http://www.historicaldirectories.org/hd/index.asp

A great link for lead tokens:- The Leaden Token Telegraph

Holland:- http://www.muntenbodemvondsten.nl

France:- http://www.lefouilleur.com/forum/index.php

French seals Echange-Passion

French Seals:- plomb-de-scellé

Cloth Seals from Tasmanian Dig - Find gives human face to Australia’s convict past.

A Sporran full of Bag Seals - http://www.upyerkiltmagazine.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/edition-12-part-2.pdf

British Museum Cloth Seals.

Curator's Choice Archives October 2011 Signed, "Sealed", Delivered! By: Nichole Doub, Head Conservator, MAC Lab.

West Yorkshire Historic Environment Record Low Mill.

Cyrillic Seals?

Russian bag seals.

Online Catalogue of Byzantine Seals.

Berthi's Weblog - Lakenloodjes Dutch cloth seals.

Medieval Dying.

Ulrich Pfister, Cotton Manufacture in Switzerland and Southern Germany,15th - 18th Centuries: Agrarian Pre-conditions, Family Economy and Economic Institutions.

Seals from St. John's Site in St Mary's City.

Jan van Oostveen, Seals typology.

Lakenloodjes (Leiden cloth seals).

Dutch Artifacts (cloth seal pages).

Euro-Plombs An excellent site for European cloth seals (based in Poland, language used French).

W.Pittner's Tuchplomben oder Tuchzeichen - An 1869 device for attaching cloth seals!

Guaranteed quality - the story of a klædeplombe by Lars Krants (an Ypres cloth seal found in Denmark).


Allex Kussendrager - Seals & Tokens with a Payment Function

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