German, S.Winter Seal

S.Winter Seal, Image by StuE, Unknown Finder German, S.Winter, EI Seal, Image by StuE, Unknown Finder.
Found near Hedingham Castle, Essex, 21 x 19mm.

.. ALMÜH / ..WINTER, ...RGER (curving down) ...IGSBERG... (curving up) around // E.I.a.1/2 / S

From Paul Cannon, "From a comparison with the seals below I am fairly sure that the upper part of the circular inscription reads ‘KÖNIGSBERGER’ with ‘SCHÄLMÜHLE’ across the centre. Below this is ‘S.WINTER’. I suggest the lower part of the circular inscription would read ‘KÖNIGSBERG/PR.’ for Konigsberg Hulling Mill with the name of the operator S. Winter. As there were a number of towns with the same name, to avoid confusion, this Konigsberg was known as Konigsberg in Prussia, hence the abbreviation on the seal. The other face appears to partly read ‘E.I a ½’ with a poorly preserved word below. According to the Europlombs site, Winter’s mill specialised in hulling peas, pea flour, oats and French barley. I could speculate that the ‘E.’ is short for ‘erbse’ or more likely ‘erbsenmehl’, German for pea flour/peasemeal? The same form of grading also occurs on the Europlombs example. After World War II Koningsberg passed to Russian control and was renamed Kaliningrad.

For similar seals see Euro-Plombs & German, S Winter, Konigsberg Hulling Mill Seal, Image & Found by Gary Mitchell & German, S Winter Seal, Image by StuE, Found by Saxonman."

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