Alberts Powder Seal

Alberts Seal, Image by StuE, Found by Sheddy Alberts Powder Seal, Image by StuE, Found by Sheddy.
Found in Suffolk, 15mm. 1.8g.

A bulla type seal with the back section torn away. A continuous circle border encloses ALBERTS curved around the top with POWDER curved around the bottom (the DE of powder are heavily interpreted) Straight across the middle is TH(O)MAS PHOSPHATE

From Paul Cannon, "The 16 page booklet with the title "Common Sense Manures: Alberts' Thomas Phosphate Powder (registered), the Farmer's Friend and Pure Concentrated Manures Manufactured by Chemical Works, London, Eng." Wallace & Fraser, General Agent St John, Issue 2 (1896) is presumably a promotional item produced by the company see Google Books. For an associated advert see Albert Thomas Phosphate Powder Basic Slag 1910 Advert."

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