Austrian, Montessuy & Chomer Seal

Montess.. Chomer Seal, Image by StuE, Found by Shaggy Montessuy & Chomer Seal, Image by StuE, Found by Shaggy.
Found in Essex, 15mm, 3.6g.

M.(C.?), MONTESSM.. CHOMER around // 23

From Mark Cannon, "I think this is a silk mill seal of the firm Montessuy & Chomer. According to the site SYMOGIH the firm was founded in 1851 and was manufacturing silk crêpe. There was a spinning operation in Vienna. Spinning and weaving took place at Renage (Isère), in south east France and there was a dying and finishing workshops at Lyon. Montessuy & Chomer were exhibiting ‘crêpes, crêpe lisse, crêpe aerophane and gauze of many kinds’ at the Great Exhibition of 1851 Great Exhibition (1851, London) Spicer, 1852."

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