French, Kleene Cigar Seal

French, Kleene Cigar Seal, Image & Found by Rod Worton.
Found in Essex, ?mm.

Decoration, P.J.A. KLEENE * around // decoration, GEWAARBORGD * around

From Jan van Oostveen, "P.J.A. Kleene is the name and if that is correct it was used for tobacco/cigars this seal. Tobacco manufacturer in Amsterdan. ... this seal can be dated approximately 1875-1925 when this firm was active in Amsterdam. In 1895 Kleene sold imitation cigars of the London firm of Henry Ooy and Bock so this firm must have been well known with populair cigars in Britain."

From Philippe Lanez - Geel/groen doosje voor HOLLANDSCHE CIGARILLOS van PAUL J.A. KLEENE, and international advertising & design database.

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