Cloth Seal, Angel, Gloria in Excelsis, London Coat of Arms

Cloth Seal, Angel, Gloria in Excelsis, London Coat of Arms, Image & Found by Robert Ian McGowan.
Found on the shores of the Schelde, Antwerp, Belgium, 41mm.

Blank // shield bearing ridged cross, sword in first quadrant, DE rose LONDI rose NO foliate design around // angel in pleated dress, palm leaf in left hand, ? in right hand, rose GLORIA : IN : EXELCIS rose around // blank

A complete four disc cloth seals with connecting strip and small rivet and rove discs. Disc 3 shows an angel in pleated dress with palm leaf in right hand and Globus Cruciger in the right hand, inscription around in annulus - GLORIA:IN:EXELCIS with a small rose head at each end. Disc 2 shows the arms of London with DE LONDI NO (De Londino) and foliate design around.

See:- Page 99, Elton,S.F., Cloth Seals: An Illustrated Guide to the Identification of Lead Seals Attached to Cloth, Archaeopress, 2017.
Also:- Nos.64 & 66, Fig.20 & Nos.67,68&69, Fig.21, Geoff Egan, 'Lead cloth seals and related items in the B.M. (B.M.occ.papers 93)'.
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