French, Champagne Seal, Theophile Roederer & Co

French, Champagne Seal, Theophile Roederer & Co, Image by Bea Dandy, Found by Ricky Blakes.

"Going back to Reims and the French one its 20mm; along the top is Rev--rs,middle is Dedere & cie(companie) and the date on right side is 1864.Obvious association is champagne but I cant find any champagne house by that name???"

From Paul Cannon, "I think both these are French champagne seals with the name of ‘Theophile Roederer & Co’, a famous family of champagne producers: The main inscription reads THEOPHILE/ ROEDERER/ & CIE/ REIMS/ MAISON FONDEE EN 1864. The same appears on the bottles’ paper labels eg Imperial War Museum, Catalogue number EPH 5644 and on advertisements etc.
The other face has a central B with [B]REV[ETES] ie ‘Patented’. See UKDFD Ref. No. - 23903.

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