Austro-Hungarian Custom Seal

Austro-Hungarian Custom Seal, Image by StuE, Found by Quozzy.
Found in Germany, 18mm, 9.1g.

A circle of pellets borders both sides. In the first the letters K.K.H.Z.A curve downward around the top, a five pointed star is beneath this and below that ALA runs straight across the centre with the number 8 beneath. The Austro-Hungarian eagle is shown on the other side (identified by Paul Cannon).

From Paul Cannon, "Austro-Hungarian custom seal, the language is German. K.K.H.Z.A. for Kaiserlich-Königlich Haupt Zoll Amt – literally, Imperial Royal Main Customs Office. The place to which they relate ALA, lies midway between Trento and Verona. In 1866 the region of Veneto was lost to the Austro-Hungarian Empire to become part of the new unified Italy. One result of this was that Ala became the border station between the two. A major railway line runs south from Innsbruck through Ala and on into northern Italy."

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