Russian Bale Seal, Baltic States, Flax, NP, 175-

Russian Bale Seal, Baltic States, Flax, NP, 175-, Image & Found by Obby.
Found in Hampshire/Wiltshire border area, 15mm.

N / *26* // NP / AN12ПS / 175(8)

From Ged Dodd, "An unknown inspector working out of 26 post in the port of St Petersburg, Kronstadt, Narva, Riga, Libau, Pilau, Pernau, Revel Memel, Konigsberg, Windau or Tilsit .. in 1758 .
Reverse:- NP / AN12ПS / 1758
All NP seals before 1829 are flax seals.
The Grower/Owner/Agent initials are AN with 12 ПS picked select grade flax plants in the bale.
. .see reference IDS 1811 on page
The PeaceHavens Project - Seal Numbers 1800 - 1899

notes:- the date for AN12ПS varies between 1754 and 1761 however we have reason to believe this is 1758.
We have N 26 WU seals for 1758 but the Grower/Owner/Agent ident is AИ9ПS and that is AI or is it a carver error for AN ... I think the former .. WU being more biased towards a Russian Owner ..."

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