'0' Attention, Your Cloth & Bag Seal Pictures are Needed! All scans / photos of lead seals wanted.

All scans (CCD scanners prefered) / photos of lead seals welcomed. Both sides please even if blank. Email stuartelton@hotmail.com. Click on photo for more details. All scans (CCD scanners preferred) / photos (direct overhead shots with angled lighting best) of lead seals welcomed. Both sides please even if blank as it often helps with the identification. If you have washed them and the detail is no longer clear try rubbing them with graphite from a soft pencil. Use your fingers to bring out the features.
Diameter, weight and County found in if known please. Email to stuarteltonstuartelton@gmail.com (please don't reduce the seal section of the picture as images up to 10MB can be accommodated and low resolution can make ID impossible from a photograph). Please note that sending images to me means that you agree to my publishing that image on this web site and in any book or article in which I may refer to them (credit for the original image and finding the object will be given to you).
Please feel free to leave comments under any seal - particularly if it helps with ID thanks. (Sorry the comments feature has been disabled due to too much spam - please email me with any info thanks.)

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