Polish, Sugar Bag Seal, Ciechanow

Polish, Sugar Bag Seal, Image by StuE, Found by Mary Col Club.
Found in East Anglia, 18mm, 10.2g.

Five pointed star, flower head FABR.CUKR. flower head curving downward, CI(ELM?)AN?(W?) curving upward, around // five pointed star, flower head CAXA??A(B?) flower head curving downward, УЬХ???? curving upward, around

From Paul Cannon, "This is a sugar bag seal. The left hand image reads (in Polish): *FABR.CUKR.* CIECHANOW for ‘Ciechanow Fabryka Cukru ie Ciechanow Sugar Factory’. Ciechanow is a town in north central Poland. I believe the right hand image records the same but in Russian: *CAXAP. ФАБ.* ЦѣХАНОВ*.

This part of Poland was made an official part of the Russian Empire in 1867 and hence the use of the Russian language alongside Polish. The sugar factory at Ciechanow was built in 1882. The seal must predate WWI. For an image of the factory see Polish refineries."

Further information from Paul Cannon, "Here is my source for the Russian name for Ciechanow. I found it quite hard to locate anywhere where this was stated JewishGen, Ciechanów, Poland. This gives two variations of the name Цеханув / Цеханов. The seal however gives the second letter as ‘Ѣ’. I believe this now archaic letter was replaced with ‘e’ immediately after the Russian Revolution."

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