Swedish, Customs Seal, Gothenburg

Swedish, Customs Seal, Gothenburg, Image & Found by Martin Meland.
Found in Norway, 20mm.

TULL(...)K:S'INSP.N / i / GÖTEBORG / -*- // TULL(...)K:S(..)INSP.N / i / GÖTEBORG / -*-

The Swedish Customs Service is named Tullverket, "Customs duties, known as "fiscal tolls", were first introduced to raise revenue for the state. Other tolls were introduced later to protect Swedish industry, so-called "protective tariffs". In earlier times, most goods were transported by sea. Vessels arriving in Sweden had to pass through the "Great Sea Toll" where customs duties were paid. There was also a domestic toll, known as the "Little Toll". In the case of the Little Toll, Swedes were forced to pay duty on goods they brought into towns to sell, an important source of income for the Swedish monarchy".

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