French, Customs Seal

French Customs Seal, Image by StuE, Found by Julian Gould.
Found near Glasgow, Scotland.

Distinctive sunken middle seal with stylised letters in the centre, C on one side and I on the other. Both have inscriptions around the raised outer which is mostly illegible but from other similar seals probably includes CONTRIBUTIONS INDIRECT. The C side inscription appears to include a number with 3 in it.

Indirect taxes (French). "Taxes can be divided into direct taxes (taxes on income or property), and indirect taxes (taxes on alcohol and tobacco)." From 'France as a superpower 1700 - 1715'
The style of the I (resembling a J) matches that seen on a letter envelope stamped Minister des Finances Administration des Contributions Indirectes dated 20/12/1834. Delcampe - Ministère des finances/administration des contributions indirectes/lettre pour le prefet d'Agen.

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