Cloth Seal, Norwich Weavers Company Seal, 16--

Cloth Seal, Norwich Weavers Company Seal, 16--, Image & Found by Jozef Luka Szewicz.
Found on the Thames Foreshore, 18mm.

-- / --GL / 16.-- / -IWP / RO // missing but letter traces on rivet stub (NO / RWI / CH)

A Norwich cloth seal with the letters in a well known style on one side and the other side shows the surname initial of the 12 wardens of Norwich & Norfolk for that particular year with the year in the middle line. It is normally possible to identify the missing letters from the Norwich Mayor's Court Book held at the Norfolk Record office. Unfortunately the letters are not a match for any recorded in the book.

See the 'Worsted Reformed' seals that were attached to the other end of these cloths.

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