Cloth Seal, Dutch, Leiden, Jean Willer & Sons

Cloth Seal, Dutch, Leiden, Jean Willer & Sons, Image & Found by John Los.
Found near Amsterdam, 37mm.

No / 26275 / L 42 / flower head, DOOR.ONS.SELFS.WEL.GEMEETEN.flower.head. around // Dutch lion rampant with sword in right & holding ribbon in left supporting tablet with privy mark on, flower head JEAN.WILLER.(AN).ZOONEN.A.LEYDEN flower head around

The name was confirmed by Philippe Lanez - openarchives genealogical data of Dutch and Belgian archives as Jean Willer en zonen (Jean Willer & sons).

An important 18th century cloth seal as it provides one of the few confirmations of a privy mark ownership although what the R stands for is still to be determined.

The inscription on the other side translates as 'was by ourselves measured'.

From Jan van Oostveen, "The text 'AN ZOONEN' is not Dutch. I think the text is 'EN ZOONEN'. This firm was a merchant and manufacturer of cloth in the second half of the 18th century / probably beginning of the 19th century. ... I found an advertisement from the year 1810 with the name of this firm. The name on the seal has also some French influences so the seal can be dated approximately 1790-1810."

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