German, Flour Bag Seal, Baltische Mühlehn Gesellschaft

German, Flour Bag Seal, Baltische Mühlehn Gesellschaft, Image & Found by Ian Thomson.
Found in Hatton of Fintray, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 22mm.

NEUMüHLEN / _._ / KIEL, BALTISCHE MUHLEHN GESELLSCHAFT 6-pointed star around // W.M. / I.

Flour bag seal from Neumühlen (= New mills), a suburb of Kiel in Northern Germany.

See Friends of historical securities, "Founded in 1866, AG since 1881. The company never really flourished: a new mill built around the turn of the century only ran smoothly after two years. In 1910, the largest customer stopped paying. Most of a loan issued in 1913 could not be placed, which forced the mill property to be sold. Only a (guaranteed) liquidation distribution of 10% remained for the shareholders. Stock exchange listing Hamburg."

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