Polish, Winkler and Gaertner Seal, Lodz

Lodz, Poland Seal, Image & Found by HungryDuck Winkler and Gaertner Seal, Lodz, Poland, Image & Found by HungryDuck.
Found in Russia, 13mm.

Small Polish seal with Cyrillic script on it. across the centre of both sides is Лодзь which HungryDuck has kindly translated as Lodz.

From Paul Cannon, "This is one of a fairly large number of seals produced by major manufacturers (mostly of various textiles etc) from Lodz. All of this group use Cyrillic characters. For a major group from a website in French see EURO-PLOMBS Forum des plombs de scellé européens. This contains a lot of information about the manufacturers. This particular seal is not included.
I would suggest that both sides carry the same inscription (which starts at about 7 o’clock):
*ВИНКЛЕРЪ И ГЕРТНЕРЪ around ЛОДЗЬ. Reading ‘*WINKLER & GERTNER’ who produced hosiery and knitted items. What had been their factory still stands today see Winkler and Gaertner's Factory."

From Paul Cannon, "Sten Berglund uses a large group of lead seals excavated from the Estonian city of Narva as the basis of his 2010 thesis “Middle and Modern Age Lead Seals as the Sources of Trade History” [English translation of Estonian]. In this he records no less than 39 examples of this seal, the most numerous of any recovered during the excavations. These confirm the readings as given above (same on both sides). Many of the Winkler & Gertner seals have photographs at the end of the thesis [see pp 60-62 & 67-72] Sten adds the information that the firm was started in 1885 but was bankrupt in 1919. Sten Berglund, Kesk-ja uusaegsed kaubaplommid kui kaubandusajaloo allikad, Tartu 2010."

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