French, Champagne Seal, Theophile Roederer & Co

French, Champagne Seal, Theophile Roederer & Co, Image by StuE, Found by Fred Cooper.
Found in Kent, 21mm, 11.9g.

B on scroll-work, inscription around BREVETÉS curving downwards and rose S.G.D.G. rose curving upwards // THEOPHILE (curving downwards) / ROEDERER / & CIE / REIMS / MAISON FONDEE EN 1864 (curving upwards)

With thanks to Paul Cannon, "[These] are French champagne seals with the name of ‘Theophile Roederer & Co’, a famous family of champagne producers: The main inscription reads THEOPHILE/ ROEDERER/ & CIE/ REIMS/ MAISON FONDEE EN 1864. The same appears on the bottles’ paper labels eg Imperial War Museum, Catalogue number EPH 5644 and on advertisements etc."

A copper disc with the same inscription can be found at Echange-passion.

From Philippe Lanez "BREVETE S.G.D.G. which is Patented WITHOUT THE GUARANTEE OF THE GOVERNMENT", abbreviation of without guarantee of the government, was in France a legal notice relieving the State of any responsibility on the actual smooth running of the patented device.
This mention was established by the law of 1844 which arranges that patents are freed "without preliminary examination, at the risks and the dangers of the applicants, and without guarantee either of the reality, the novelty or the merit of the invention, or loyalty or the accuracy of the description". This mention disappeared in 1968.
In Belgium, according to Art. 22 of Law on the patents of March 28th, 1984, the principle WITHOUT THE GUARANTEE OF THE GOVERNMENT is still applicable1,2.
This text is Napoleon's Bonaparte invention, according to the decree of September 27th 18003."

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