Portuguese State of India Seal, Goa

Portuguese State of India Seal, Goa, Image & Found by Deivisson Fernandes.
Found in Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil, ?mm.

Crowned arms of Portugal, COSTA DE MALAUA around // small domed building with floral motif around and GOA above

Identified by Michel Royer as a seal issued by the Goa office in Malauar (Malabar), on the coast of India (Portuguese state since since the 16th century and annexed by India in 1961).

See Euro-Plombs, Plomb de scelle "GOA E MALAUAR" and Euro-Plombs, État portugais de l'Inde - Douane de Goa et Côte de Malabar for seals from the same region.

From Jose de Sousa, "It is from the reign of King D. Pedro IV of Portugal (1826/1828), also D. Pedro I Emperor of Brasil (1822/1831)."

It is not known what type of goods these were attached to.

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