German, G.B. Von Blanckenhagen Seal

GB von Seal, Image and Found by Dave8472 German, G.B. Von Blanckenhagen Seal , Image and Found by Dave8472.
Found in Kent, 19x16mm.

Both sides have a raised double ringed border at the centre of which is a six pointed star. There is writing curved inside the annulus formed by the rings. One side shows G.B.von and then the important name is illegible. From the other side SCH can be discerned.

From Paul Cannon, "I believe that both these are probably ‘Allasch’ spirit/liquor bottle seals. The original spirit was produced by Baron von Blanckenhagen at his estate in Latvia in 1823. Allasch is the German version of the name of the Baron’s estate, in the Latvian language ‘Allaži’, some 50km from Riga. In German the name Allasch became to mean any spirit with a high alcohol content. Blanckenhagen’s spirit became very popular in Russia, England and other parts of Europe. By 1830 the recipe had spread to Leipsig in Germany, where a number of companies were making the drink. It is still brewed in Leipsig and is a traditional drink of the city.
Based on both seals I believe they read “G.B.VON BLANCKENHAGEN” and “DEST[……..].ALLASCH”. One candidate for the first part might be the German word ‘Destillation’ and hence ‘Allasch Distillery’.
For a copy of the trade mark see Tademarks Directory. This was registered in 1888 and incorporates the name G.B. Blanckenhagen. See also Latvian Tourism Newsletter and Lotto 314 - Allasch, Otto von Blanckenhagen, Allasch Duppelt Kummel, circa 1910, 2 bottles, old labels."

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