French, Customs Seal, 8

I & IC Bag Seals, Image by StuE Found by Colin Gilbert.
Found on the Essex - Suffolk boarder.

Distinctive seals with ornate interwoven letters that have been interpreted as IC and and some with just I. Various numbers are on the reverse. The centre seal appears to have the I written in a different font. Some have CONTRIBUTIONS around the inner raised edge and possibly IND as this would be an abbreviation of Indirect to give 'Contributions Indirectes' - indirect taxes (French). "Taxes can be divided into direct taxes (taxes on income or property), and indirect taxes (taxes on alcohol and tobacco)." From 'France as a superpower 1700 - 1715'

The style of the I (resembling a J) matches that seen on a letter envelope stamped Minister des Finances Administration des Contributions Indirectes dated 20/12/1834. Delcampe - Ministère des finances/administration des contributions indirectes/lettre pour le prefet d'Agen. The CI ligature looks to be from an earlier time.

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