Carr Seal

Carr Seal, Image & Found by Cobs.
Found in Cumbria, ~20mm.

Plain seal with CARR on one side and C.C. on the other.

Thanks to information supplied by Cobs - Very likely to be the seal of the foodstuff and agricultural company based in Carlisle. C.C. - Carr's Crackers or Carrs of Carlisle? From Wikipedia:- "Carr's is the name of foodstuff and agricultural brands historically derived from founder Jonathan Dodgson Carr but now owned and marketed by more than one separate company. In 1831, Carr formed a small bakery and biscuit factory in the English city of Carlisle; he received a royal warrant in 1841. His company grew to include flour milling and he was heavily involved in the nearby port of Silloth where his successor Henry Carr opened a flour mill in 1886. Among the members of the Carr family who worked for the business was former Commando Capt Richard Carr MBE, who was decorated for repeated escape attempts from Italian and German PW camps during WW2. Carr's is perhaps best known as a brand of English crackers or Water biscuits. Since 1972 the Carr's biscuit factory has been part of United Biscuits, and the Carrs branded products are marketed in the USA by the Kellogg Company. The factory today is known officially as McVities but still known locally as Carr's. Carr's Flour Mills and agricultural supplies business are owned by Carr's Milling Industries plc still based in Carlisle, and have recently appeared in UK supermarkets through their Carr's Breadmaker flour range. Carr's Milling Industries also own companies involved in light engineering. In March 2012, it was announced that Carr's had lost its Royal Warrant due to 'changing tastes' in the Royal Household."

See also, A story of Carrs biscuit factory and an old waistcoat, and Baking business history at the biscuit factory. "Carr's "fancy" biscuits, made in many shapes and sizes and given exotic names such as Rich Desserts and Small Change Pennies, rapidly became fashionable. They kept crisp in tins and, although fragile, travelled well from Carr's strategically sited factory by canal and railway. Soon they were sustaining train passengers and in 1841 Carr somehow obtained a royal warrant from Victoria, the first ever given to a biscuit manufacturer."
See also Carr's Flour Silloth.

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