Cloth Seal, Continental, Cross with Annulets, L

Cloth Seal, Continental, Cross with Annulets, L, Image & Found by Charlie1101.
Found near to city of Leitmeritz / Litoměřice, Czech Republic, 14mm.
Four seals of the same type. The convention is to show the rivet disc first on the left and the rove disc second on the right. This group shows that there was no set convention by the sealers as to which side the stamps were used.

Cross on (hill?) annulet to sides // L (star?) to sides*

* look to be upsidedown fleurs-de-lise on first seal which could indicate that face should be viewed the other way up and it is not a letter L depicted.

Although Wschowa / Fraustadt in Poland has annulets each side of a cross that is a double cross and none are known with the 'L' marking.

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