Cloth Seal, German, Augsburg, Ox

Cloth Seal, German, Augsburg, Ox, Image & Found by Charlie1101.
Found near to city of Leitmeritz / Litoměřice, Czech Republic, 14mm.

Ox AVGSPVRG on its side, AV above // stylized pine cone

The large numbers of Augsburg cloth seals found normally have the stylised pine cone, as seen on the rivet of this example, but usually the other side exhibits the letter A with its cross bar a downward pointed chevron and annulets dotted around. See Nos.308 - 310 Fig.41, Geoff Egan, 'Lead cloth seals and related items in the B.M. (B.M. Occasional Paper 93)' "Seals from the fustians (mixed linen-warp and cotton-weft fabrics) of Augsburg, known to contemporaries in this country as 'Ousbrow or Augusta fustians', are among the most common and widespread of all the recorded imports in England, constituting almost one third of the Continental seals found here. They have been found in over a dozen counties ... and they are also known in large numbers abroad.... The pine-cone on the stamps is the heraldic badge of the city and the letter A is its initial. A large number of different stamps are known, most with the same basic devices on ..."

The ox bearing the town's name on this seal is quite different from the usual Augsburg cloth seal emblem and I would suggest that the AV above it is, in ligature form, the precursor to the stylised A with chevron for its central cross bar used on the majority of the many Augsburg fustian cloth seals found.

Several similar seals have been recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme, the best example being WILT-7E7BF3.
See also BSG.CS.00389 on this Gallery.

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