Cloth Seal, Czech Republic, Lanškroun / Landskron

Cloth Seal, Czech Republic, Lanškroun / Landskron, Image & Found by Charlie1101.
Found near to city Lanškroun/Landskron, Czech Republic, 25mm.

.... / LANDS / KRON // missing but partial stamp on rivet stub of a crown

Cloth seal from Czech Republic, Lanškroun / Landskron.
Identified by finder.

From Charlie1101, "Also in Lanškroun there was a guild of clothers and weavers. In 1507 drapers received the right to 3 washboards in the surrounding villages - in Žichlínek, Sázava and Albrechtice. In 1588, Jan of Pernštejn, the owner of the manor, published the articule of the clothers' guild. Lanškroun cloth was sold in many markets in Prague and Vienna as well as supplied to the army. Cechoní artikule received a weaving guild in Lanškroun in 1722. At the beginning of the 19th century a chemist founded a textile manufactory in Lanškroun to produce, bleach canvas and dye."

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