'0' Capturing images of seals

Simple set-up for overhead shots The best images can be achieved with good lighting, a macro capable camera held on a stand directly above the seal and the use of a remote shutter release to prevent movement. Most modern cameras and smart-phones are auto-focusing and the only reason they fail to deliver sharp images is due to camera wobble, usually caused by pressing the shutter release. The delayed shutter release function can suffice if you have not got a remote but there is no substitute for a stable camera mount. Tripods are the common answer but they need a special attachment to point the camera straight down onto a seal and even then the legs can interfere with the lighting. A simple and reasonably cheap alternative can be constructed using a couple of of lightweight bench clamps and a section of bracket shelving. Using bright lighting angled from one side will highlight the faintest markings.

Scanning (CCD type) is a good alternative, although you cannot angle the light and you may need to highlight the detail by gently rubbing pencil graphite onto the surfaces with your fingers.

Send the full size image (as it comes from your camera) to stuarteltonstuartelton@gmail.com. Don't forget the diameter in mm (largest disc) and where it was found please.

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