Albion Lamp Company Seal

Rippingilles Patent Seal, Image & Found by Barrie Albion Lamp Company, Rippingille's Patent Seal, Image & Found by Barrie.
Found in Leicestershire, 17mm.

Both sides marked the same with annulus containing inscription RIPPINGILLE'S curving downward and .PATENT. curving upwards encircling, with ALCo straight across the middle in the centre.

Rippingille's patent roasting and baking stove was supplied by the Albion Lamp Company around 1876 - see New Zealand Herald , Issue 4690, 24 November 1876, Page 3.

Address from advert - Frank Rippingille Stove Company Works, Plume Street, Aston, Birmingham, see advert.

Information collated by Mikejee on the Birmingham History Forum:-
"From directories.
No mention of Rippingill 1873 or before
1876 Rippingille Alexander, lamp manufactr. 41 Aston rd. north
1878 No commercial Rippingill firm and 41 Aston Road North not listed
1879 – 1884 Albion Light Co at 43 & 34 Aston Rd north
1888-95 and later AIbion Lamp Co., Aston road north (not numbered, but I think it is about no 40, close to 34)
In 1896, shortly after he dies the following was in kellys (with little picture given below). The entry for 1895 was similar, but shorter
Rippingille Frank, Stove Co. (The),oil stove makers,Plume street, Aston; patentees & manufacturers of oil cooking & warming stoves of every description, including the patent combination lamp stoves, patent Dutch oven stove, patent plate warmer. Patent Pure Air Greenhouse Heater, the patent revolving radiator, the patent food warmer & night light, the patent combination bracket;radiators, cooking stoves, water heaters, hot air gates,colliery & street lamps & many other specialities; estimates given for all kinds of metal work free; catalogue gratis. N.B.—Every article manufactured under the personal supervision of Mr. Frank Rippingille , the inventor. Telephone 2650
Rippingille's Albion Lamp Co. sole &' original inventors,patentees and manufacturers of Rippingille's world renowned patent oil cooking & warming stoves, lamps,&c. &c. Aston Brook Lamp Works, Aston road north."

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