Czech, Flour Bag Seal, Lejkov, Liblice

Czech, Flour Bag Seal, Lejkov, Liblice, Image & Found by Arsenbronze.Eu.
Found in Czech Republic, 20mm.

LEJKOV, ...FITS..E curing down ST:LIBLITZ curving up around // II in border of pellets

From the finder, "The mill Lejkov is probably named after one of the owners Mr. Lojka. It is assumed that it stood in this area already in the Middle Ages. It was built shortly after the establishment of the village Liblice founded near the water fortress. Originally he stood on the left bank of the drive and was driven by a mill wheel.
In 1673 a mill was built here, the owner of which was Mr. Vencovský or Vinovský, or Venanský. For what time he owned the mill is unknown. In 1742 the unknown owner built a small mill, which was further expanded by Mr. Hudík or Tvrdík. In 1789, Mr. Fanta became the owner of the mill. The Deym built a mill building on the left bank of the stream. On 31 December 1862 the estate was bought by Antonie Valdštejnová of Vartenberk. She reconstructed the mill, bought a steam turbine.
During the second half of the 19th century, the performance of the water wheel was not enough and a steam boiler was added. The steam boiler apparently caused a large fire at the end of the 19th century. Only the peripheral walls remained of the mill. It was not restored, the foundations were used to build a large barn. The mill was irreplaceable for the villagers and so a large and modern mill was built on the right bank.
The water wheel was replaced by a water turbine with an output of 12-16 HP.
The mill had three floors, rye and wheat stool, peeler, porcelain, canine, French stone, grinder, mixer and associated lifts. During a week of operation it was possible to grind 300 q of grain. There was a bakery at the mill. Lejkov had descriptive number 1a, it belonged to a residential building with a barn and 1b belonged to the mill farm buildings.

Byšice chronicle (from 1866 to 1952) deposited in the State District Archive in Mělník."

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