Cloth Seal, Norwich, Alnage, Crown, NORON

Cloth Seal, Norwich, Alnage, Crown, NORON, Image & Found by Andy Mcculloch.
Found in Bedfordshire, 14mm.

88, N.O.R.O.N around // crown

A two-disc alnage seal probably from Norwich.

Another important seal as it clearly shows the fourth letter surrounding the date numbers to be an O. This was mistaken for an A on other seals, leading to an assumption of NORAM and the now unlikely assignment to Northampton. While no other abbreviation of Norwich to NORON is known to me it is a more probable designation, especially when account is taken of the similarities with No.77 Fig.21, Geoff Egan, 'Lead cloth seals and related items in the B.M. (B.M. Occasional Paper 93)' NORWICH around the date, 1681, and a Crown of the same city.
See also BSG.CS.01459.

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