Dudley & Tipton Seal

Dudley & Tipton Seal, Image by StuE, Found by Adam & Lisa.
Found in Lincolnshire.

. DUDLEY & TIPTON . MILLS is written within an annulus and in the centre of the annulus is the name BEACH. The other side has . COMMON . SENSE within an annulus with TRADE MARK in the middle.

From Paul Cannon, "From The British Mail, 1 February 1881, p134, 'Messrs. J.Beach & Co, of the Dudley Tipton Mills, Dudley, Worcestershire. How many of the fat cattle exhibited at this Show had been fattened on J.Beach & Co's farinaceous food we are not prepared to state.'
From The London Gazette of 7 February 1893, p 709 The firm which had produced this seal had come to an end because of its debts. Extract '..... and carrying on business under the style or firm of J.Beach & Co, at Dudley and Tipton Mills, Tipton in the county of Stafford, Manufacturer of Cattle Food .....'"

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