Cloth Seal, Norwich / Norfolk, Lombardic N

Cloth Seal, Norfolk / Norwich, Crowned Lombardic N, Image & Found by Adam & Lisa Cloth Seal, Norfolk / Norwich, Image & Found by Adam & Lisa
Found in Derbyshire 25mm dia. 33mm with lug. 14.1g.

Crowned? Lombardic letter N with foliate design around // blank

A two-disc cloth seal probably from Norfolk / Norwich.

A seal with a very similar N but crowned and with three pellets to the left is shown in Egan, Geoff, Cloth Seals, p.43-86 in Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum Medieval Catalogue, Part 3, ed. Peter Saunders, 2001, no.21, Fig.20. It is identified, along with no.22 (probable large Lombardic N) as being a Norfolk / Norwich seal.

This seal was initially confused with the seals of Naarden.

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