Cloth Seal, Coat of Arms, Alnage, Shield, H

Cloth Seal, Alnage, Shield, H, 1664, Image & Found Adam & Lisa Cloth Seal Alnage, Shield, H, 1664, Image & Found Adam & Lisa.
Found Near Lincoln (35mm long) Dated 1664.

no decipherable markings // shield bearing escutcheon // H inscription around CL(OT)H *1664* // no decipherable markings

Complete four disc alnage seal. Disc 2 showing coat of arms on shield that could possibly be that of the Commonwealth. Disc 3 has the letter H at the centre of an annulus with the following inscription - CL(OT)H*1664*

The date suggests an alnage seal of Charles II and it would be very unlikely for anyone to risk displaying the Commonwealth arms after the Restoration. It is therefore more likely to be the arms of the alnager (the arms of the Duke of Lennox, who held alnage rights from 1605 onwards, does, like the Commonwealth arms, have an escutcheon as shown on this seal).

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