Polish, Sugar Bag Seal, Fabryka Krasiniec

F.K Sugar Factory Seal, Image & Found by Adam Hall F.K Seal, Image & Found by Adam Hall.

Both sides have a circular border of pellets. Inside one are the capital letters F.K and on the other side these initials are presumably expanded - FABRIKA is curved around the top (translated as factory) and curved around the bottom is the important name but unfortunately all that can be made out is KR(I?)??(N?)IED Across the middle with a 5 pointed star below and possibly above is the word CUKRU that means SUGAR in Polish.

A sugar bag seal most probably Polish.

From Paul Cannon, "The full inscription reads FABRYKA/ CUKRU/ KRASINIEC (in Polish). F.K on the other face stands for ‘Fabryka Krasiniec’. Krasiniec is a small settlement in the north east of Poland which was dominated by a large sugar factory. Constructed in 1866 it was operating until 2003 and was one of the major sugar refineries in this part of Poland. Daniel Fronek of the Dobrovice Sugar Museum has identified the place name on the seal.
For an image of the factory entrance see Brama Cukrowni, a sugar beet is featured in the sign.
For a further example from a Polish website see My Virtual Museum."

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