German, Flour Bag Seal? ALTON

ALTON seal, Found by Linnet (James T. Britten) Image by Donnydave Found by Linnet (James T. Britten) Image by Donnydave.
Found in Yorkshire, ?mm.

Could be ALTONI across the middle. An R with II? on other side.

See German RM II flour bag seals.

From Paul Cannon, "I believe the central inscription reads Altona, a district of the German city of Hamburg through which the Elbe flows which had significant flour mills on its banks. The following links to a short history of what may be the mill, J.P.Lange Söhne Getreide-Mühle Altona Hamburg 2 Seiten Große Reklame 1923. Based on this, the poorly preserved inscription might be reconstructed as J. [P. LA]NG[E S]ÖH[NE] and ALTONA. Nothing survives of the lower wording. R II is the grade of flour and probably stands for Roggen (Rye)."

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