Russian Bale Seal, Baltic States, Hemp, CПБ, 1829

Russian Bale Seal, CПБ, Image by StuE, Found by 19beavers Russian Bale Seal, Baltic States, Hemp, CПБ, 1829, Image by StuE, Found by 19beavers.
Found in Essex.

A Russian Hemp bale seal. The date is unfortunately missing, probably early 19th century - 18??

First side:-
First line:- СПБ = SPB = St. Petersburg
Second and Third line:- ПЕH.2 // B.K. = Cyrillic script (possibly mixed with Roman), Indicates the quality and type of goods but uncertain what initials stood for.*
Fourth line 18?? = Date of grading
(Usually only three lines on this side of this category of Russian bale seals.)

Second side:-
First line:- ПД = PD = Hemp Inspection (but could also stand for Port Inspection or Tow Inspection*)
Second & Third lines:- (K?):EPO = (K?).YeRO // ХИ?Б = HI?B (initials & surname of Quality Control Officer.)+
Fourth line:- H20 = N20 = the number of the post the QA Officer worked at.*

See Figs. on pages 54 & 55, *Russian Cloth Seals in Britain: Trade, Textiles and Origins by John Sullivan.

Inscription deciphered and completed by Ged Dodd of The PeaceHavens Project, IDS 80 using his extensive database:-
CПБ / ПEH.2 / B. K / 1829 // ПД = PD / Л.EPOXИHЬ = L.EROKHIN / H204

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