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ATTENTION Cloth Seals; An Illustrated Reference Guide to the Identification of Lead Seals Attached to Cloth: from the British Perspective, by S.F. Elton is available from Archaeopress, see first page of this Gallery.

This gallery is intended as a reference resource for those wanting to know about the cloth or bag seals they have found. All pictures of seals and information/comments welcomed HERE. Please note that sending images for inclusion on this web site means that you agree to my publishing that image in any book or article in which I may refer to them (credit for the original image and finding the object will be given). Other sites of interest - Dutch Artefacts, The PeaceHavens Project, Echange-passion, Euro-Plombs

Click on individual pictures for a larger image and more information (clicking the larger image will often enlarge it further or select 'View Slideshow' for full screen picture).
Use the 'Search the Gallery' box (top left corner) to help find seals by typing words or items that can be seen on them. If you want seals from a particular country use the adjectival form, i.e. French or Russian, etc. Any seal without an assigned country is assumed to be British.

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