Cloth Seal, Searcher, Named, Thomas Rhodes

Cloth Seal, Searcher, Named, Thomas Rhodes, Image & Found by Simon Haley.
Found in Making Place Farm Soyland, Sowerby Bridge, W.Yorkshire, 40x15mm.

THOMAS / RHODES / 8 2 // 29 2 / 32 (rivet stub has possible initials on S/A ?)

A strip like seal riveted at one end. The numbers normally apply to the length, weight and width of the cloth as measured by the searcher. A fragment of a similar seal with the first two letters of the first and second name of Thomas Rhodes was found on the same site.

From Paul Cannon, "Nothing to prove the following was the cloth searcher but a good candidate I think.
1.'Broad Cloth – Whereas about nine months ago, a piece of blue broad cloth, consisting of twenty yards and a half, stamped on the blank, THOMAS RHODES, was left at the shop of Messrs Smallpage and Randall, Woollen-drapers and has not since been called for. This is therefore to give notice. That whoever can make a fair claim to the same, may have their own, on paying the expence of this advertisement, by applying as above. Leeds Feb 8th 1794.' [Leeds Intelligencer, 10 Feb 1794, p2]

Interesting that the finder Simon Haley refers to blue cloth being made at Making Place Farm Soyland for the Navy in 18th century [see Calderdale history timeline ]. This also refers to the Samuel Hill and his manufactory at Making Place Farm for another of Simon Haley’s seals.

2.Advert for auction of estate partly occupied by Thomas Rhodes of Holbeck, Clothier [Leeds Intelligencer, 10 April 1797, p2]

3.Advert for auction of estate at Holbeck Moor Side, belonging to Thomas Rhodes, deceased (no occupation given). [Leeds Intelligencer, 25th June 1798, p4]

4.'Holbeck, near Leeds – To be sold by private contract (by the Trustees of Thomas Rhodes, late of Holbeck, deceased) – All that new-erected Scribbling and Slubbing Mill, with the Steam Engine belonging the same, late the property of the said Thomas Rhodes, situate near Holbeck Moor, in Holbeck aforesaid, with a large piece of vacant ground, both in front and back thereof; and also all the machinery of the said mill, consisting of four Scribbling Machines, five Carders, five Billies and one Willey, with every other apparatus. All the machinery is in excellent condition; the supply of water to the engine constant, and the Mill is most eligibly situated for trade; and the purchaser may be accommodated with immediate possession if required ……………………….. 22 August 1798.' [Leeds Intelligencer, 27th August 1798, p2]."


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