Finnish, Custom Seals, Turku

Finnish, Custom Seals, Turku, Image & Found by Nick Has.
Found in Tampere, Finland, 25mm & 18mm.


Two seals, one larger than the other, with the same information in different lettering. Believed to be Finnish customs seals from Turku (Åbo in Swedish) a Swedish speaking area of Finland.

Photo info


  • Cloth Seal, Cloth Worker's Personal Seal, Privy Mark, TG, 1575~1800
  • French, Flour Bag Seal, Moulins de Nantes Societe
  • Not a Seal - Window Came with Attachment Ring
  • Belgian, Cockerel Seal
  • Cloth Seal, Somerset, Alnage, Crowned Thistle
  • Czech, Flour Bag Seal, Klinger & Popper, Kladno
  • Czech, Flour Bag Seal, J.F.Daubek Brünnlitz/Brněnec
  • Finnish, Custom Seals, Turku
  • Cloth Seal, Switzerland, St Gallen
  • Cloth Seal, Dutch, Alkmar
  • Cloth Seal, Dutch, Alkmar
  • Cloth Seal, Anne, Armorial, 1702 - 1707
  • German, Dyjckerhoff & Söhne, Amöneburg Biebrich
  • Cloth Seal, Dutch, Alkmar
  • Dutch, Customs Seal, 370