German, Flour Bag Seal, Sternmarke, Ruhrort

German, Flour Bag Seal, Sternmarke, Ruhrort, Image & Held by Mike Patrick.
From an e-bay lot, 16mm.

5-pointed star, STERNMARKE curving up around/below // WERK curving down / RUHRORT / 5-pointed smaller star

The seal is of the raised central disc type with an uneven, residual flange around.

From Mike Patrick, "Sternmarke * = STARMARK
Werk Ruhrort = Ruhrort Plant

Ruhrort is a district within the German city of Duisburg situated north of the confluence of the Ruhr and the Rhine. Ruhrort has the largest river harbour in the World, with quays extending nearly 40 kilometres along the river, and it is the principal inland shipping port in Germany. (Wikipedia)

Jan van Oostveen lists a related seal at: Bodemvondstenwereld he suggests 'flour bag (meelzak) seal'".


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