Cloth Seal, German? Palm Tree

Cloth Seal, John Peter B, Image & Sent by Martijn Cloth Seal, German? John Peter B, Image & Sent by Martijn.
Probably found in the Netherlands.

Image in beaded border, possibly a palm tree on ornate stand but is regular and symmetrical and so could be the other way up and an elaborate orb with a crown at the top. Inscription around - (J)OHNPETER.BVCHO?TZ??T. (the Z is backwards). Other side incused 1086 over 3(8?).

From the sender, "Do you know this type of cloth seal. It’s unknown to me, I suppose it might be a German cloth seal for bombazine (or bombazineliked) cloth. I know in southern Germany so-called ‘ grapetype’ cloth seals were used for bombazine and bombazineliked cloth. This type cloth seals were also introduced in more places in other countries (to imitate the cloth from southern Germany)."

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