Salt Union Ltd. Seal

Salt Union Ltd. Image & Found by Kenneth Olsen Salt Union Ltd. Seal, Image & Found by Kenneth Olsen.
Found in Vestfold, Norway, ?mm.

-.- design, SALT UNION curving down LIMITED curving up around // S.U. / LTD (TD smaller letters and underlined)

For a full treatise of the Salt Union see A history of the Salt Union, a record of 25 years of disunion and depreciation; compiled from offical reports by ALBERT F. CALVERT, 1913, 'IN a volume entitled The Story of Trusts, published in July of this year, M. E. Hirst says that " The Salt Union, formed in 1888 by the agreement of sixty-four firms, at first had a monopoly. During the early years of the Union it raised prices between four and five shillings a ton; but this at once attracted competition, and the Union now controls less than fifty per cent, of the trade."'


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