Russian, Circular Dated Seal

Russian, Circular Dated Seal, Image & Found by Kenneth Olsen.
Found in Vestfold, Norway, ?mm.

Symbol with 182- date around, Cyrillic inscription around that // blank apart from two large pellets

From Ged Dodd, "Obverse :- РИГСК.ТА.ОТ.ТО 182? is RIGSK.TA.OT.TO ...
RIGSK is Riga District .
TA is TAMOЖHЯ (Customs)
OT is OTPACЛЬ (Department)
and TO is TOBAP (Goods)
The reverse of these seals is usually blank but this has two pellets .. the only other circular seal we have with two pellets on the reverse is 1829 ..
... .see reference IDS 1376 on
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