Flour Bag Seal, Trevithick, Hayle

Flour Bag Seal, Trevithick, Hayle, Image & Found by Bernie Millington.
Found near Gweek in Cornwall, 20mm, 7g.

ROLLER (M)ILLS, (J).H. TREVITHICK (&) SONS curving down (HAY)LE curving up around // saltire within a triangle, ONE AND ALL along the outsides of the triangle

A J. H. Trtevithick and Sons Roller Mill, Hayle, flour bag seal.

See PAS CORN-7B1C24 for another example with near complete inscription, "John Harvey Trevithick (1807-1877) was the second son of Richard Trevithick, the famous innovator, and the grandson of John Harvey who formed the foundry Harveys of Hayle. J.H. Trevithick & Co. had a store, flour and grist mill in Harvey's in Foundry Square, Hayle, as part of the retail trading and milling company that also included the shipping line to Bristol, Cardiff and Liverpool, from 1852. So the seal probably dates from after this time and before 1890 when John Harvey Trevithick's second son Richard (1842-1930) formed a partnership with W. Hosken & Son and J.S. Polkinghorne to become the largest milling firm in Hayle: "Hosken, Trevithick and Polkinghorne", the initials of which "HTP" were to become a household word for flour throughout the west of Britain.

The Cornish motto: 'Onen hag oll' or 'One and all' is said to commemorate the voluntary efforts of the Cornish people to raise the ransom of fifteen Byzantine gold coins to release the Earl of Cornwall from the Saracens in the 9th century." (Not to be confused with the Seed Merchants, One & All seals.)


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